Siberian Federal University has developed a series of popular and reliable inductors for MHD-stirring of melt in the furnaces called MHDS and TYPE (TYPE 400, 500, 600, 700 since 2007) that installed at all plants of JC RUSAL starting from 1991 (first models were called MHDS). The inductors were developed by a team of authors and scientists from the Krasnoyarsk State Technical University (KSTU nowadays Siberian Federal University department “Electrical engineering and electrotechnics”. The original team of authors included - А.А. Temerov, S.А. Boyakov, R.М. Khrstinich, V.N. Timofeev. The development was financed by Polytechnical Institute (later called KSTI, nowadays successor is SibFU) [1,2]. Later a great role in development of the laboratory basis and the design of new modifications of inductors played such scientists as E.A. Pavlov [3], Е.А. Golovenko, V.А. Goremykin.

Based on great contribution and the developments of Siberian Federal University, “Research and production center of magnetohydrodynamic” Ltd. (, «RPC MHD» Ltd.) holds its’ business activity, manufactures and supplies MHD-stirrers to all plants of JC RUASL. At that this company has absolutely no relations with Siberian Federal University, i.e. in no way associated with it.

At the present moment around 50 inductors are installed in Russia and 30 outside Russian Federation. These inductors are sold by Altek Europe Ltd. under the trade name Siber Force or any other trade name ( Export variants of the inductors series TYPE with improved characteristic were developed by our company within the period since 2012 till 2015.

Our company, established by Siberian Federal University, is ready to propose You the above mentioned types of MHD-stirrers at twice lower price compared to the competitors, including sales of the license and project documentation (including power supply) for manufacturing. These electromagnetic stirrers, in spite being the previous generation with higher energy consumption, gained the reputation of reliable and simple in operation two- or three-phase electric machines with air cooling that provide intensive stirring of aluminium melt in the furnaces from 10 up to 130 ton capacity when installed at the side or under the bottom of the furnace.


At the moment our company is actively promoting the inductors series TYPE and Siber Power at Russian and international market. From “RPC MHD” Ltd. and Altek Europe Ltd. represented by Director Mr. Alan Peel, we have faced the facts of unfair competition and spreading false rumors about supposedly violation of intellectual rights of “RPC MHD” Ltd. by UniMet LLC and E.A. Pavlov personally [4].

After analysis of this lying information we applied to Siberian Federal University for explanations and investigation about the developer and the party owing intellectual property in regards to MHD-stirrers manufactured and sold by “RPC MHD” Ltd. and why such lying information is spread by the representatives of “RPC MHD” Ltd.

As a result of internal investigation held by SibFU – Statement dd. 26th of January 2017, it was confirmed that the claims of V.N. Timofeev and any representatives of “RPC MHD” Ltd. do not correspond the reality and are completely false [5].

Besides that, the result of investigation held by the Krasnoyarsk Police Department #2 materials of the case KUSP 40610 dd. 03.11.2016, statement dd. 14.11.2016 completely corresponds and approves the conclusions of the investigation held at SibFU later.

Also the decision of the Krasnoyarsk Arbitration court dd. 14.06.2017, case № А33-28905/2016 (А33-28905/2016), completely corresponds and approves the conclusions of preceding investigations held by SibFU and Police [6].

In general the results and conclusions of all investigations correspond with each other and it is possible to stet the following firm facts based on such conclusions:

  • The developer of inductors is SibFU and they were developed by a team of authors from the university department “Electrical engineering and electrotechnics” including E.A. Pavlov. The department is currently headed by D.Eng.Sc. V.N. Timofeev.
  • All members of the scientific team of SibFU have equal rights for the results of intellectual work that includes the design of inductors MHD-stirrers sold by “RPC MHD” Ltd.
  • Employees of “RPC MHD” Ltd. starting from establishing of the company till 2014 consisted of the lecturers and scientists from Polytechnical Institute and they held their business activity at the Institute space with the use of Institute computers, software and laboratories [7].
  • V.N. Timofeev’s actions as well as actions of “RPC MHD” Ltd. have all signs of unfair competition towards UniMet LLC.
  • V.N. Timofeev as well as “RPC MHD” Ltd. have absolutely no intellectual rights for the inductors they sell.
  • The company FlowTech LLC (founded by E.A. Pavlov and D.N. Ivanov) have been developing the inductors for “RPC MHD” Ltd. from 2012 till 2015 as far as “RPC MHD” Ltd. did not have enough abilities for the development of the last generation of inductors series TYPE under trademark Siber Force for Altek Europe Ltd.
  • UniMet LLC did not disclose any information of confidential nature being the commercial company secret (know-how) due to there is no any. There is no any evidence about such information ownership by “RPC MHD” Ltd. Thus E.A. Pavlov and Unimet LLC have no obligations in frfont of V.N. Timofeev and “RPC MHD” Ltd.

As far as we are fair and frank specialists of the high world level in MHD-technologies we clearly understand that V.N. Timofeev and “RPC MHD” Ltd. set a high value on their monopoly position at the Russian market and the position of the main supplier for JC RUSAL, but the methods of work based on spreading the false discrediting rumors and bare-faced lie are unacceptable for us. They need to be consistently and clearly refuted for all participants of the market and academic community in calm and clear manner.

The team of our company and SibFU also with humor and irony treats the attempt of V.N. Timofeev to position himself as an outstanding and sole developer of MHD-stirrers and technologies. We understand that it is very important for “RPC MHD” Ltd. in order to keep the exclusive relations with JC RUSAL and creation of certain illusion. But at that V.N. Timofeev forgets and intentionally lessens the role of the scientists from SibFU who executed a vast volume of work including the design work, results of R&D at SibFU as well as under the request of Ministry of Education. At certain periods the number of the department “Electrical engineering and electrotechnics” with the degree - “Ph.D.”, reached 14 people.


Our company is glad to supply the inductors series TYPE (400, 500, 600, 700) at a substantially lower prices, discount p to 50%, compared to “RPC MHD” Ltd. and Altek Europe Ltd. prices.

We are also ready to provide you with the additional discount in case you present us the evidence of false information discrediting our company business reputation by “RPC MHD” Ltd. In this case the additional discount for your company will be paid by “RPC MHD” Ltd. upon the court decision regarding the protection of UniMet LLC business reputation.

We glad to offer a license proposal for TYPE 400, 500, 700 inductors.



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