Dear Colleagues and Partners,

My name is Evgeny Pavlov and I am an expert in the sphere of magnetic hydrodynamics and MHD devices for aluminium industry. I am one of the developers of the effective and popular stirrers for aluminium stirring in the furnaces - TYPE 400, TYPE 500, TYPE 600, TYPE 700 and analogous solutions which was developed on the basis of engineering experience and R&D resources of Department of electrotechnologies and electrotechnics of Siberian Federal University( These stirrers are represented on the market by Altek Europe ltd. company under the brand name Siber Force (

I developed of these inductors from 2005 till 2012, and since 2012 till 2015 my company FlowTech LLC was executing the rework of the Siber Power inductors design as well as technical consulting during all projects administration.At the present time this inductors is are leading products on the market having 50 installation in Russia and 31 successful installations outside Russian Federation in different countries of the world. Such success is based on the fact that I did very detailed calculation of electromagnetic fields and MHD modelling which allows to design the equipment that exceeds the design of existing stirrers including ABB. All types of stirrers - TYPE 400, TYPE 500, TYPE 700 have very effective air cooling of coils with standard low pressure fans and have very low power consumption. Besides they are very easy in manufacturing.

Our mission is to develop the world and improve the aluminium industry with the help of the most ecological and energy efficient technologies. That is why I would like to give you a possibility to use my knowledge, experience and ready technical decisions so that you are able to manufacture TYPE 400, TYPE 500 and TYPE 700 for your casthouses and install it on your furnaces or use it for your own business.

After signing licence agreement you will have access to the following documents:

  • TYPE 400, 500, 700 (including Operator manual and installation guide, full Solid Works model and drawings of the inductor in .dwg, .pdf formats, installation drawings of inductor to tilting or static furnace, drawings and schemes of electrical connections, manufacturing and installation drawings of non-magnetic slot in .dwg and .pdf formats)
  • Scissor lift (full Solid Works model of mechanical or electrical screw driving lifter, manufacturing drawings in .dwg and .pdf formats)
  • Power supply for the inductor (including Operator manual and installation guide, manufacturing drawings and schemes of electrical connections, photos of internal design, list of components)
  • Manufacturing places and materials suppliers (including self cost estimation table and the list of companies at EU where you may build all types of inductors and buy materials)
  • Mathematical modeling (including video and photos with different aspects - metal stirring in the furnace, change of electromagnetic field, etc.)
  • Materials from realized projects (photos and video from different installation and working process of the furnaces)
  • Manufacturing process (including a lot of photos about manufacturing process from workshop which clearly show the manufacturing process).

We may also provide you with our services for your projects in regards to the manufacturing process of TYPE 400, 500, 600, 700 and power supply for it. Besides we may help you with correct installation of equipment and its' start-up. We are ready to propose you the license for manufacturing of more modern inductors (stirrers) - Type EF and LDMS with even much better characteristics and even more easy in manufacturing.

Siberian federal university has held the internal investigation regarding the claim of the head of Electrotechnology and Electrical engineering department as well as the Director of RPC MHD Ltd., Viktor Timofeev, about the so called illegitimate use of the intellectual property rights for inductors TYPE 400, 500, 700 by UniMet LLC. The result of the investigation is the statement about the absence of any violations from UniMet LLC side and injunction to Viktor Timofeev to stop unfair competition.

Dear Sirs,

Please be informed that recently we noted an increased interest of certain UK companies to our web site and our developments in the sphere of magnetohydrodynamic devices for aluminum industry. We also noted spreading of some knowingly false information regarding the so called violation of their rights in regards to electromagnetic stirrers like TYPE 400, 500, 600 and 700 market presentation. If you are contacted by such companies, please first of all ask them to provide you with the evidence of such right violation together with all approval legal documents confirming their IP rights use including patents, agreements or other documents and inform us immediately about such fact of knowingly false information spreading.
Thank you very much for your cooperation and your feedback.


Licence Proposal

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Postgraduate paper by PhD Evgeny Pavlov MHD Stirrer TYPE500. 2007 year.

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Open letter about SiberForce IP rights improper use

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The following video shows the first test of Siber Force TYPE500 inductor done in 2010 at Altek Europe for Novelis. This test shows that the nonmagnetic plate, placed on the top of inductor with 500mm gap, moves by the influence of a magnetic field, created by the inductor.