Unimet took part in biggest expo Aluminium Messe 2016 in Dusseldorf

Jan. 20, 2017

From 29 October to 1 December 2016 Unimet took part in Aluminium 2016 (Dusseldorf). The company introduced its revolutionary technologies, which allow to control the crystallization process in the ingot and organize an efficient mixing of the melt in the furnace. Major manufacturers of aluminium alloys, as well as small factories processing aluminium scrap, show great interest in technologies presented.

Alumnium Messe 2016

Oct. 5, 2016

UniMet Company will participate in Aluminum Messe 2016 from 29 November to 1 December in Dusseldorf, Germany. During this exhibition company will present innovative technologies for metallurgical industry to the world market.

We are welcoming you to visit us at our booth 10E30/41!

UniMet Company at the exhibition- Aluminium China 2016!

Aug. 24, 2016

UniMet Company participated in the largest aluminium exhibition in Asia- Aluminium China 2016, which was held in the SNIEC exhibition center in Shanghai from 12-14 July.    

At the exhibition the company's specialists presented its innovative technologies to Chinese and foreign enterprises of the aluminum industry.  Visitors and exhibitors showed particular interest to Liquid Heart Metal Stirrer (LHMS) technology. This technology allows to manage and control the crystallization process during casting of slabs thus significantly improving the quality of large rectangular aluminum slabs, round billets and subsequently, quality of end products.

Besides, at the company booth other unique developments such as: Low Depth Metal Stirrer- LDMS, Type EF- energy efficient electromagnetic inductors and metal transfer system- MPS, distinguished by air cooling and minimal energy consumption were demonstrated.  

Also worth noting is that  during the show company representatives conducted negotiations with producers of alluminium alloys and casting equipment including the largest Chinese companies such as Aluminium Corporation of China, Unique Heibei, Apple, Wontaly Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. и тд.   

Aluminium China 2016- is the largest and rapidly increasing platform for global aluminium society networking. In 2016 attracted more than 20 thousand visitors and 500 companies from more than 30 countries took part in this event.


Feb. 2, 2016

From 27 till 28 of January representatives of UniMet Company attended the IraSME forum which took place in RWTH Aachen University where they have presented innovative technologies for metallurgical industry to German scientific community.

LHMS Test Campaign

Jan. 13, 2016

The first stage of the project realization consisted of development and supply of the equipment to the plant of the leading European producer of end-products made of aluminium alloys. The second stage was to conduct the equipment tests the purpose of which was to confirm the possibilities of technology to eliminate defects in the ingots and subsequent defects in aluminium details for AirBus. Tests were carried out from April till November 2015 in Switzerland.

The test results revealed that the LHMS technology provides not only the significant chemical composition aligning of the entire cross section of the ingot but also guarantees the achievement of the following indicators:


  • Slab casting cycle reduction up to 40%;
  • Casting speed improvement by 85%;
  • Chemical composition homogenizing along the whole slab volume that leads to the rejected production decrease during further slabs rolling and milling by 90% or completely eliminates it (depending on the type of the alloy). Elimination of the cracks and porosity;
  • Reduction of cut off zones (bottom part and top part) by 50% that guarantees significant output increase per each casing mold;
  • Macro segregation reduction by 55% and mesosegregation reduction by 50% that further excludes defects in the rolled or milled products;
  • Possibility to cast new complicated alloys in the shape of large rectangular slabs with the thickness up to 1 meter that was impossible to cast before – AlLi alloys, 2xxx, 5xxx, 7xxx(with the Zn content up to 11%);

Thus, LHMS gives aluminium producers an opportunity to cast new very complicated alloys with different alloying additions at extremely high contents (alloy RSA-7035 with Zn 11%) in a form of large rectangular slabs which was not possible to produce before due to the problem with the alloy components segregation along the slab volume. The economic benefit of LHMS technology could be up to 3 mln.euro/year per one casting pit/one slab (the calculation presented was done based on one mould casting pit with capacity of 30 000 ton/year, alloys series АА 7075)

Besides, along with the existing technological advantages LHMS has several significant peculiarities compared to competitors’ solutions: is settings flexibility depending on the type of alloy, relatively low energy consumption, compact size, easiness for installation and possibility to organize more than 150 types of flows (regimes) in the sump.