Innovative MHD Technologies

UniMet LLC is the innovative company targeted to its best experience and technical solutions industrial implementation. We specialize in development, design and sales of MHD equipment for aluminum industry.

Why us?

We ensure World level magneto hydrodynamic (MHD) technologies development

We organize innovative products manufacturing

We provide sales and supplies of the developed equipment

We provide casting solutions of complete engineering cycle



This revolutionary technology provides quality increase of large rectangular aluminium slabs (with size up to 5х1 m) and round billets (with diameter up to1.5 m) by means of crystallization process control in the liquid heart.


Innovative side mounted inductor is distinguished by effective metal stirring in the furnace at low metal depth ~ 10 cm, by means of specific running field application.


The developed equipment provides flexible and precise metal flow control to casting machine from a stationary furnace along with the pumping of metal to another furnace at a higher level.


The unique energy efficient electromagnetic stirrer for bottom installation - Type EF has outstanding characteristics by, energy consumption, mass, size and effectiveness.

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